Chicken Carcasses

Chicken Carcasses

Chicken Carcasses, in fact all poultry carcasses like those from Turkeys, Broilers, Hens and Ducks are very useful cuts of meat. They are used to produce many tasty products and are key ingredients of great soups, stocks, gravies etc.

They are also used in the production of mechanically deboned chicken, or MDM Chicken, and similarly mechanically deboned turkey. MDM is also known as MSM (mechanically separated meat) and MRM (mechanically removed meat) which is a staple of the diet in many countries in Africa, former CIS countries, throughout Asia and indeed in many European meat products.

Chicken carcasses / carcases comprise of the bones and remaining meat after the bird has been deboned or “cut – up” into popular cuts such as chicken breasts; chicken thighs; chicken wings/ wing tips; chicken legs / leg quarters, drumsticks etc

Sometimes the carcass is cut up into component parts such as chicken backs chicken upper backs chicken lower backs and fronts.

Chicken backs, and turkey backs (especially chicken upper backs and chicken lower backs are eaten regularly in West Africa and South Africa – in counties such as Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Namibia, Mozambique etc. Often 10kg or 15kg cases or boxes of chicken backs are sold at markets direct to customers but they are also sold to meat traders and meat wholesalers and cold stores who distribute them for consumption.

Boyd International Limited are major suppliers of chicken backs, chicken upper backs, chicken lower backs, chicken carcasses, turkey carcases, turkey necks and poultry skin (chicken skin and turkey skin) throughout Africa, Asia, former CIS countries and Europe.

For assistance with anything relating to Chicken carcasses or indeed poultry carcasses then please don’t hesitate to contact Boyd International – reliable international food traders.

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